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Social Media

The Rapid Ascension To Power of Social Media

The rise of social media is hard to ignore. Facebook and Twitter are all over traditional media - mentioned in your favourite TV programmes, in the papers, even quoted on the news. Your favourite celebrity probably has a Facebook page and Twitter account, and most of your favourite products and services will too. Social Media is the fastest growing sector of the Internet, bringing more and more users online daily. Users spend more and more of their online time on social networks, meeting new people, messaging friends, uploading photos, talking about the things that interest them, and (this is where we come in) looking more and more for the products and services they are interested in and buy.

You Can't Just Post Ads, You Have To Be Smarter

Unpaid advertising, especially 'spamming' tends to be frowned on by Social Networks, with offenders being suspended from a service or their accounts terminated altogether. You have to be smarter than that with social networks. Provide your potential customers with information of value, things to talk about, involvement in your development processes, freebies, access to exclusive information, events and promotions, and you will build a community. In return, they will buy from you and introduce your product or service to their friends - as long as you make it easy for them. We integrate all types of social network with your website, enabling easy sharing, automatic social network updates, community features and more - allowing you to make the most of opportunities in Social Networks.

A Note on Friends, Followers and Connections

The process of adding contacts on social networks has different names depending on the network. On Facebook you 'friend' someone, on Twitter you 'follow' them, on LinkedIn you 'connect' with them, on YouTube you 'subscribe' or 'become friends'. Whatever the terminology, the action is the same - you're adding a new contact, and if you're lucky (or well-prepared) they might follow you back.


Facebook recently overtook Google in the US as the most visited site online, with over 600 million users and growing. It has become a key component of any online activity, and you should be using it in some form to assist your business. We add features to your website and integrate it with Facebook - through Facebook Business and Local Places Pages. We built share buttons into your website so that your visitors can share details of your site with their friends on a large number of social networking and social bookmarking sites (you can see one example of share buttons at the bottom of this page).

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Twitter is known for it's real-time nature, with users posting 'tweets' of 160 characters or less throughout the day. If you choose to subscribe to a certain person's tweets, you are known as a 'follower' of that person. Breaking news and events are a particular strength of Twitter, meaning communication is kept short and succinct. It is an excellent place to build a reputation within your market, and companies use the service in many innovative ways - to sell products, get user feedback, for customer service, hold competitions, monitor online conversations about their brand, and much more.

Rob Bell Web Design and Social Networks

We offer a range of social networking services, for all levels of experience. If you've never used social networks for business, we'll get you started - showing you methods that will enable you to build your 'friend and follower' numbers, and begin to build your business activity within the social networks. We'll create and build your Twitter profile and Facebook Page for you, add features such as subscription forms, and integrate with your website and blog. As well as identifying potential customers, we'll show you how to find the leaders in you industry, so you can learn from their example, ask them questions, or communicate with the people who follow them. For the more advanced, we introduce you to tools that make it easy for you to communicate across multiple social networks effortlessly, ensuring your messages reach as many people as possible. Call me on 01924 371432 today, and let me build you the right site for your business.