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Why Choose Rob Bell Web Design?

Why choose Rob Bell Web Design?


Business Focused Web Design

At Rob Bell Web Design, we don't just build pretty websites, we build easy to navigate websites that are online business tools, that help your business make more of the opportunities the Internet presents. Your website will not only advertise your business 24/7/365, but will help you understand your potential customers and develop more effective buying relationships.

Our Business Skills

We're unlike other web design agencies, because we're business oriented from the ground up, with business degrees and marketing diplomas, and more than a decade of real-world experience in successful multi-national brands like Total Oil, Sun Microsystems, STORM and more. We've run our own online businesses for many years, so we know the pitfalls and the shortcuts to get you ahead of the pack. We understand business today, and we'd like to help you understand how you can use your website to build your business.

Our Technology Skills

Technology for us is an obsession. Rob's first computer was a ZX81 back in 1981, and he's been firmly plugged into the Internet since the early 90's. A marketing specialist with a computer obsession, Rob holds qualifications in business, marketing, and computing. We constantly scour the Internet for the newest and most effective cutting-edge tools that allow you to do business faster and more efficiently.

Our Customer Relationships

We pride ourselves in our attention to customer service. Since Rob Bell Web Design was 'born', we haven't spent a single penny on advertising. 90% of our business comes from clients referring their friends, family or organisations. The other 10%? From our number one listing on Google for 'Web Design in Wakefield' - we practice what we preach! Many of our clients have little or no computer/technical knowledge. When that's the case, we help you, teaching you how to do things online you need to do, and offering personal support at the end of the phone for when you get stuck.

Customer-Focused Business to the Core

Our business only does well if we meet the needs of the clients who hire us, so complete fulfiment of your needs and surpassing your expectations  is our only ambition. We work very flexible hours, and evening and weekend work is possible - if you need something in a hurry, we'll work through the night if we need to... but if we do that, don't ring us before 12 next day!

Our Green Credentials

Our hosting servers are located in a 24/7 manned datacentre that is powered entirely by green electricity from wind farms and turbines. The datacentre also pay to have more carbon removed from the atmosphere than the entire business creates, including us. This means you would actually be having a positive effect on the environment by hosting with us. How can you refuse that?   Call us today on 01924 371432 and let's get you kitted out properly for the 21st Century