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Subscriber Marketing

Subscriber Marketing, or Email Marketing

Subscriber marketing is known by a variety of names, email marketing, database marketing, list marketing and various others. Essentially, subscriber marketing is a form of direct marketing -
You build a database of email contacts, who you then develop a dialogue with, through your newsletters, questions, and product-related emails. You begin to learn more about your customers, and they keep you in front of mind awareness ready for when they need products you make next time.

Customer and Prospect Lists

You should have a customer list and a prospect list - a lot of the time, you will send the same emails to both, but sometimes you'll want to offer your customers extra value, as you want them to think of you first next time they need something you sell.

One great thing about your list is that you know the people on are interested in what you do, or they wouldn't have subscribed in the first place.

Integrated Subscriber Marketing

At Rob Well Design, we can integrate subscriber marketing into your website, and provide you with an easy-to-use application that let's you quickly and easily write your newsletters and other messages, then send them to one or both of the lists you have.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

When you go in to a fast food restaurant and order a burger, they always ask you if you'd like fries and a drink with your order, or whether you'd like to supersize your order - this is called an upsale, and can help you gain more value from each customer. With your own subscriber marketing system, you can upsell every member of your mailing list, regularly.

Most people don't buy on their first encounter with your business - by staying in touch and communicating regularly, you're more likely to be in their front-of-mind awareness next time they need a product or service you supply.

Cross sales involve related products - eg because you've bought A, you may be interested in B or C. This, like upsales, helps you get more value from each customer.

Customers Have Lifetime Value

The lifetime value of a customer is the total amount a customer spends with your company throughout their life. Customers may buy from you once, but do they come back to you next time? By establishing communication and building a relationship with your customers, you increase the likelihood they will come back to you in the future - making repeat purchases, and increasing their lifetime value to you. Keep them happy, keep them buying.

Identify Your Apostles

Your apostles are those customers who love your product - and tell people about it. If you can build a small group of apostles, they can bring customers to you in great numbers, if you listen to what they say. Ask your best customers what it is that makes them come to you  every time, the answers may surprise you - and give you ideas that will build your business.