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Rob Bell Web Design - Working With Google Apps

Google, more than any other company over the last 10 years, has woven itself into the fabric of the Internet. People don't just search for things, they 'Google' them. Delivering the majority of user searches, Google is the most visited page worldwide on the Internet, and the place most people start when looking for information, products and services. Google are furious innovators, bringing out new products on what often seems like a daily basis. They offer what can be a bewildering array of services, features, modules and add-ons for the Internet user. They also offer a vast range of services targeted at website owners, to help you get your products and services into their search results, and to attract and analyse visitors to your site. We implement a wide selection of Google applications, from the Analytics package we install on every website we design, and Google Places - Google's local business service, that now dominates local searches, to Google Premier Apps - a web-based business infrastructure that offers word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing document creation and sharing (replaces MS Office), video, Gmail-class email for your own domain, and add-ons for all types of business process, including accounting, marketing, sales management and contact management, to name but a few.

Our Google Services For Your Business

1. Google Premier Apps - Business Anywhere

Our own business, Ex Ignibus, Uses Google Premier Apps

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  • Access your business securely, and in real-time from anywhere, at any time, using any Internet-connected device
  • Because your data is not tied to your computer, but held securely online, you won't lose any data if a computer breaks down. Just get a new computer, and you can carry on straightaway - no need to spend hours installing software again and restoring backups
  • Business Class Email, the same Google use for Gmail. Easily set up on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and more
  • Business Class Calendar with Invites, Sharing, Multiple Calendars and easy integration with your mobile devices
  • Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Drawing, creation, editing and sharing - like having an office everywhere
  • Video upload and sharing - for training, your website, news, updates and easier communication
  • Google Sites, including Web space - set up webpages and forms, questionnaires and more
  • Google Marketplace - 3rd Party Web Apps for almost every business process. Most are free, or very low cost, for small businesses, enabling you to have big business software without the costs
  • Rob Bell Web Design, Ex Ignibus, and British Webmasters all run Google Premier Apps for our business software including Marketing, Customer Services, CRM, Accounts, Email Marketing, Project Management, Time Tracking, and Online Training
You can use these modern solutions in your own business for less than £50.00 per staff member per year for Google Premier Apps. Some applications may cost extra, but many do not. What other business class infrastructure can you get for the equivalent of less than £5.00 per user per month? What other office software can you buy for that price? See the sense yet? We also charge a small fee for initial set up and integration of your Google Premier Apps system, setting up your users and applications, migrating your email system, and setting up the anti-spam service. If you still want to use Microsoft Office on your desktop computer, that's no problem - we provide an application which synchronises Google Apps and Microsoft Office without any additional action needed on your part.

2. Google Places - Be Seen Locally

Google search made two big changes in 2010 - real-time searching and greater emphasis on location. People are 'Googling' local businesses when they're looking for local services in their vicinity,and Google is using Google Places to populate the top results with local businesses like yours. If you're not on Google Places when your competitors are, they're taking away your business online, and reaching potential customers you'll never see. Google Places allows you to advertise your products and services, show customer reviews, detail your opening hours, provide directions to your office, shop or other location. It even allows you to offer discount coupons to Page visitors, giving them more incentive to try out your products and services. You can set the start and end dates of the coupons, and measure the success of your coupon campaign over time. Rob Bell Web Design Google Places Page Every month, Google sends you a report showing how many people saw your business on Google Places, and how many of them clicked through to your website. We get hundreds of impressions each month, and have a client who gets thousands of Page impressions each and every month. Using Google Places (and intelligent SEO), Rob Bell Web Design enjoys the first position in the Google Search Results for "Web Design in Wakefield" (see for yourself, it opens in a new window). It also allows customers to leave reviews of your business, providing social proof from your customers that helps other visitors to your Places page trust your business more. We'll create your Google Places entries at a bargain price of £30.00 per location. At that price, you'd be a fool not to take us up on our offer! Call us on 01924 371432 today or use our simple contact form, and let us create your Google Places entry for you. You won't regret it.

3. Google Analytics - Website Statistics Free With Every Site We Build

Rob Bell Web Design Install Google Analytics On Every Website We Build We install Google Analytics for free on every website we build, because it's the simplest, and the best, website statistics application for most people. Google Analytics lets you see useful numbers and graphs about statistics like how many people are visiting your site, what sites are sending you most visitors, where in the world, and within each country, they come from, the pages they visit, how long they spend on your site, and much, much more - in fact, more statistics than most of us need. Our WordPress websites display the basic stats from your Analytics account on your 'dashboard' which you see when you log in to your website. You can access the complete statistics by visiting Google Analytics, for which you need a Google account so we can give you access. Our Analytics module works day and night collecting site statistics to help you see what activity brings you the most visitors, the sites sending you the most traffic, what areas of your site are the most popular, and other valuable information to help you develop an even more successful business.

Call us on 01924 371432 today, or use our simple online contact form. Let us help you get more out of Google.