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Custom Web Design For Your Own Specific Web Site Design Requirements

Clean, Search Engine Friendly Website Designs, Visible To Every Device

The latest Flash animations might make your site prettier - but are they what you really need? Flash videos, animations and content can take a long time to create,  render and compile - increasing the cost of your website considerably. They also don't work on many popular devices, so their owners just see a blank page if they visit your site. We work to a different set of standards - our sites have to be clear, functional on all devices, attractive, cost effective and relevant to the visitors who are, potentially, your next customers. We can do Flash if you like, but it will add to your costs considerably and some people won't see it. Good, fresh content is now where it's at in websites, according to Google, who are a company we take lots of notice of so we can get your sites listed higher in the results. We'll help you develop your theme, positioning, strategies, and goals for the site - from these will be born your effective, compelling website.

Content Management Systems

We now offer CMS (Content Management System) installations, allowing us to give you more power over your site, with the ability to update and contribute to your pages, as much as you like, as often as you like. You can add articles, photos, new pages, video and interact with your visitors better - even forming your own 'tribe' of followers and repeat customers. We work with the CMS platforms Drupal and WordPress.


We can install applications on your website that perform useful functions that make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Run an appointment-based business? How about a live-updating calendar showing your customers where appointments are available, and an online booking system? We can do that for you. Got a mobile business, and want a map so customers can see where your delivery van is? We can do that too. If you've got a business function you'd like on your website, we can help you do it.

Mailing Lists

Most successful online businesses know you need mailing lists of prospects and customers with whom you can exchange dialogue and inform them of new products/services and offers, time-limited offers, Company news and much more through newsletters and email campaigns. We'll set up a system to allow you to do this quickly, easily and effectively, growing your prospect list and increasing the lifetime value to you of every customer.


Selling products online? We can build you a shop and give you the tools you need to sell online. Reach a global marketplace today. We can offer you sites that accept most types of payment e.g. credit and debit cards, paypal - through providers like Paypal and Google Checkout. The easier you make it for your customers to buy from you, the greater your sales.


Any company that doesn't have a blog to keep their customers informed of news, PR, events and product updates is missing out on a valuable tool that generates results and can increase both your new and existing customers. The search engines love blogs - and rank the good ones highly for their keywords. Blogs are perceived as news sources, and you can use them to inform and convert new customers.

Social Networks

These days, social networks are the new frontier, offering riches to those who succeed by changing the way they think about their customer interaction. You can't spam on the Social Web, so you need to think and act smarter - your prize for this is long-term, repeat customers who trust and value you. We can help you understand the Social Web better and how you can use it to your advantage. Contact Rob Bell Web Design today on 01924 371432 and let's talk about your website needs.